5 Rockin’ Halloween (Bear Ville ONLY) Outfits Of The Week!

12 Oct

I feel guilty whenever I open my ‘Pictures’ File.. to edit some stuff, like DAILY! So.. instead of making you wait even more.. (Even though it’s ONLY been like 3 days!) I decided to post the Pics EARLY!

1. Tara Teddy AS The Eiffel Tower

Why it made the cut:-

Well, first.. Tara’s slim.. which is Good since she’s wearing that long dress, The points on her head are medium-short.. cauze if they WERE Long… Oh.. please, I don’t wanna go there!

2. Jessica4leafclover3087 AS -THE- Witch

Why I thought it was good enough to be Here:-

It was honestly.. the BEST outfit I saw so far! The dog -furry friend- was a AWESOME F.Friend for this outfit!, The pink bag goes well with EVERYTHING, The broom was the PERFECT touch! The High Heels.. might be a little TOO much :/ The dress just looks SO cute!


3.Zara Glitter AS uhh… :/ Dunno

Why was it wacky enough to you know what!:-

What’s NOT to like? This wacky weird AWESOME outfit was Perfect going with the hair! She posed and I snapped a pic, The Shoes, Legwarmers, Shirt, Leggings/pants, Gloves and furry friends :’) Aww… im SO proud!


4.ZacharieSummer AS Someone.. xDD 

What awesomeness it has:-

Well, looks like someone got his drivers license! the backpack and furry friend was PERFECT and so was the wig! everything was well-matched but the dress… type thingie… :/ 


5.LaineAdorable86 AS The Mixed fruit but … -RED- xDD

What it had that I noticed:-

:O Okay.. I forgot to mention that you guys COULD mixand match but This was just PAWFECT! The belt and hair goes perfectly with the hairbow! EVERYTHING’S into place! 🙂




Kay… so yeah.. Sorry if you didnt make the cut :/ I take blame.. I only went to Bear Cave AND Not to many places :/ 


ANyways, Congratulations to who DID.


Toodles and Padoodles!!



Look I never thought of Be4….

7 Oct

Well, guys today I was kind’a just goofin’ of in BABV, when I saw this…

… Okay, I know you guys might think it’s a drab ol’ thang ANYONE could put together…

But, Im so stupid, it didnt come to my mind..

I edited to add streaks n’ stuff.

Man, I just got MORE lame!!

Heh.. heh 

Signin’ OFF,

Choco Cake XD

BEST Personalized Halloween Outfit! (A How-to Contest type thingie you don’t even need 2 sign-up 4)

3 Oct

Okay, I know I don’t really Post THIS often but.. I wanted YOU to find YOUR iner artist cause…


‘I’m having those walk around in bearville with you costume and if I spot you and like your outfits you have a chance to be on my blog! Contest’

Okay.. that might be the ALMOST longest contest name I ever said. So I have a few outfits on my hand ALREADY.. And YES I will mention YOUR BearVille Name ONLY! No BearBills, No Age.. No Contact NO NOTHIN’!



Just put your FAVE outfit for Halloween together and walk around in BearVille at Dens Bear Boulevard AND Bear Cave ONLY.

I’ll ONLY be at Bear Bouvelard and Bear Cave for the outfits.. and 1 reason is cauze there the MOST popular ones.. 

I WON’T be with my FrankieAdorable48 Account, I’ll use my ZoraFunLovin12 account ONLY.

I will ONLY mention your BearVille Name.

There’s NO prize, whatsoever! 

AND… You just have a chance to be in my blog! That’s all! 


‘Now get your bootie in gear girl, cauze it’s time to RE-PRES-E-ENT’ -Teddy (Bridget Mendler) From Good Luck Charlie.

A Day In A Life Of…. A Mummy.

1 Oct

Okay so.. since 2day is MY B-day and.. Halloween is like 3 weeks away xDD I’ve decided 2 do A Day In A Life Of.. Every Week, that’s cause I stay busy due to school and such xDD

Mummies LOVE watching Horror Movies! Wonder Why....

Mummies have NO patience whatsoever xD

Mummies like... Break-Dancing?

Mummies like to eat Ice Cream in Beaches?

Mummies NEVER will understand clothes we wear now-a-days

So.. now U know what’s it like 2 be a hundred yr old dead person wrapped in toilet paper!

Miguel has a crush? + Chloerocks & MiguelSunshine Prizes! + Chloe & Miguel saying Hi 2 people!

12 Sep

Hey guys, im sorry I haven’t posted in a while! But im EXTREMELY busy with my life! Even though im on the laptop daily 24/7 xDD Okay.. I got some MAJOY NEWS!! 

MiguelSunshine -THE MiguelSunshine- Said the below-



Well.. I don’t really know myself..

I saw Chloerocks and MiguelSunshine 2 days ago. Here are their prizes..

Chloe Rocks’ Prize:- 

Now Miguel Sunshine’s:-    


Here are a few pictures of Chloe and Miguel saying Hi 2 a few people!

AND.. As  a bonus I decided to give you guys more proof with some more.. PICTURES!



Add me on Zorafunlovin12 – Just 4 my Fans!

15 Aug

Hey guys, so I have been receiving comments on one of my top pages ‘How to earn more then 5,000 bearbills daily’ and I just recieved a comment asking me to add them, for my fans I have decieded to make another account on which I will play reguarly, Zorafunlovin12!

So, if you wanna add me.. add me there 🙂



This touched my heart!

7 Jul


Please, see the video till the end!


Don’t forget to share the video.


Video Link:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OKndnaiFzo