My Cub Condo Tips! (Up-dated!)

Okay, first follow the tips on the “How 2 earn BB page.” When you think you wanna STOP saving-up and start buying things.. cos’ you’ve already have sewed the big hole in your pocket… OK! But, just don’t buy EVERYTHING…. !!! you’ll waste ALL your hard work, and you’ll feel a lil’ guilty or just that you wasted your hard work.. but, why don’t you save a little more?? OR… ignore my request and..


If your  room “THEME” is Peace! then, don’t put that big Camp bunk Bed or a small Bed in that room!!

It’ll make your room look weird, non-matched, and well.. 0 rated! and I swear you WON’t like it! imagine a purple ONLY room w/ the Camp bed.. very MIS-matched, and very ridiculous! it’ll ALSO break the room.. I mean for E.G a sweet purple room looks nice w/out the Camp bed cos it ISN’T purple!! so it’ll clash the WHOLE room and look very STUPID!!

If you have a 3 colour or a 5-6 colour room… I think the max number of colours 2 put in ur room is about 6-10 if you can easily buy a variety colour of furniture.. it’ll be VERY easy for you, if your the a few colours or fave colour type, hard.

Tips 2 make UR Medium rooms 3-D! on the top.. Vote and i’ll come back after 4 weeks 2 see! I  promise, If I get 6 or more, i’ll give you all the 3-D tips I know!!


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