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Bear Ville Updates + Fashionista Of The Week! + Mrs. Claus Famous BlueBerry Recipie

2 Dec

New Loading Game Chasing Thingies…

Snow has fallin’…

The look of SPS (Skate Park Square) has changed…

Winter Wonder Teddy & New Poll..

New Clothes At The PCB! (Pawlette’s Confur Boutique)

New Stuff At The Store Fur All Seasons… 

New Video @ The Theater…

When You Click On One Of Those…

                                             … You Arrive At The Bear University! (Shortcut)

@ Train Station.. Did You Spot The Wish List? Now U Can E-Mail Ur Parents ALL The New Bears (From Build-A-Bear) YOU Want For Christmas!

Make Sure You Wear Something Warm Because…

                                                           ….Now U Can Visit The NORTH POLE!

Here’s A Sneak Peek!


FaShIoNiStA Of The WEEK!

This Week’s ALL about getting ready for Christmas & Winter.

I found someone who’s taste for Shopping is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

This is.. Yasmine April 28!

Here’s Yasmine Drinking Hot Winter Chocolate!


Mrs. Claus Famous Blueberry Muffins Recipie

Are You Ready 2 Start Cookin’ These BEARY Delicious Muffins?

P.S Click On The Recipie To Make It Bigger.



Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween Guys!

Share what you’re going to dress up as B low or share a picture of youself in real life 😉


P.S That’s NOT me! That’s Selena Gomez!