5 Rockin’ Halloween (Bear Ville ONLY) Outfits Of The Week!

12 Oct

I feel guilty whenever I open my ‘Pictures’ File.. to edit some stuff, like DAILY! So.. instead of making you wait even more.. (Even though it’s ONLY been like 3 days!) I decided to post the Pics EARLY!

1. Tara Teddy AS The Eiffel Tower

Why it made the cut:-

Well, first.. Tara’s slim.. which is Good since she’s wearing that long dress, The points on her head are medium-short.. cauze if they WERE Long… Oh.. please, I don’t wanna go there!

2. Jessica4leafclover3087 AS -THE- Witch

Why I thought it was good enough to be Here:-

It was honestly.. the BEST outfit I saw so far! The dog -furry friend- was a AWESOME F.Friend for this outfit!, The pink bag goes well with EVERYTHING, The broom was the PERFECT touch! The High Heels.. might be a little TOO much :/ The dress just looks SO cute!


3.Zara Glitter AS uhh… :/ Dunno

Why was it wacky enough to you know what!:-

What’s NOT to like? This wacky weird AWESOME outfit was Perfect going with the hair! She posed and I snapped a pic, The Shoes, Legwarmers, Shirt, Leggings/pants, Gloves and furry friends :’) Aww… im SO proud!


4.ZacharieSummer AS Someone.. xDD 

What awesomeness it has:-

Well, looks like someone got his drivers license! the backpack and furry friend was PERFECT and so was the wig! everything was well-matched but the dress… type thingie… :/ 


5.LaineAdorable86 AS The Mixed fruit but … -RED- xDD

What it had that I noticed:-

:O Okay.. I forgot to mention that you guys COULD mixand match but This was just PAWFECT! The belt and hair goes perfectly with the hairbow! EVERYTHING’S into place! 🙂




Kay… so yeah.. Sorry if you didnt make the cut :/ I take blame.. I only went to Bear Cave AND Not to many places :/ 


ANyways, Congratulations to who DID.


Toodles and Padoodles!!



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