BEST Personalized Halloween Outfit! (A How-to Contest type thingie you don’t even need 2 sign-up 4)

3 Oct

Okay, I know I don’t really Post THIS often but.. I wanted YOU to find YOUR iner artist cause…


‘I’m having those walk around in bearville with you costume and if I spot you and like your outfits you have a chance to be on my blog! Contest’

Okay.. that might be the ALMOST longest contest name I ever said. So I have a few outfits on my hand ALREADY.. And YES I will mention YOUR BearVille Name ONLY! No BearBills, No Age.. No Contact NO NOTHIN’!



Just put your FAVE outfit for Halloween together and walk around in BearVille at Dens Bear Boulevard AND Bear Cave ONLY.

I’ll ONLY be at Bear Bouvelard and Bear Cave for the outfits.. and 1 reason is cauze there the MOST popular ones.. 

I WON’T be with my FrankieAdorable48 Account, I’ll use my ZoraFunLovin12 account ONLY.

I will ONLY mention your BearVille Name.

There’s NO prize, whatsoever! 

AND… You just have a chance to be in my blog! That’s all! 


‘Now get your bootie in gear girl, cauze it’s time to RE-PRES-E-ENT’ -Teddy (Bridget Mendler) From Good Luck Charlie.


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