WordPress Application

31 May

Hi guys.

Cheryl here.. :]

I’d like to tell you a cool application I found. It only works on BlackBerry Curves, BlackBerry Pearls, BlackBerry Touch, etc. If you have BlackBerry App World already installed, that’s fine. If you don’t, scroll down to see instructions on how to download it.

Okay, since you already have BlackBerry App World installed, there’s not much to do. First, go to the magnifing glass. Click it, and there will be a search box. Type in “WordPress” and click enter. Then, when you see the application with the official WordPress logo, click it and install (It’s Free, No Worries). After you installed it, click run. Enter your login and blog information, and VOLIA! You have successfully installed WordPress. 🙂 Happy blogging!

So you haven’t yet downloaded BlackBerry App World? Well, it’s easy downloading.  Go to your Blackberry Internet tab. (If AT&T World Phone comes up, go back and click the other Internet tab. If it says Blackberry, continue.) When you get onto your Blackberry Internet, there should be a highlighted link that says “Download Blackberry App World!”. Click it, and enter your launguage. Then click “Apply”. Blackberry App World will download automatically. After it’s done downloading, click the “Hang Up” button to go back to Home. Click the Menu button, and click Downloads. Click the Blackberry App World logo (Six dots inside a circle). Then, agree to the Terms Of Condition. Scroll up and read the first paragraph to learn how to download WordPress for your Blackberry. Happy blogging! 🙂

xoxo, Cheryl


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