Fake B-day Party + Girl’s just wanna have FUN!

11 May

Hey, guys.. What’z up? as you see im do’in 2 posts in 1, first is um, Fake B-day party, um.. on Chat and posts I lied 2 you guyz 2day was my B-day cos.. I was bored.. yesterday, as im always! Good thing that hobo didn’t show up at my bff’s house.. anyway- -Hobo: you don’t have 1 when will u tell that?- I do! in real though.. Shaziya and Sapphire.. there’ye twins! sorry 2 dissapoint you guyz, for lying ’bout my b-day! it’s month’s away. second topic Girl’s just wanna have FUN! that means -speaks really fast: boy’s are lame- -guy:that means im 2? girls date guyz they like! if we’re jerks then you’re- um, fine! you’re not.. … Main thing.. girl’s can do wateva they like wheneva they like! in my country it’s 4:09 now… OMG!! gtg bye..

Okay, it’s day 3 im editing this: yesterday at 4 PM my G.  father woke so, I had 2 close!  that’s day before yesterday .. um, anyway.. I HAVE A NEW CONTEST ON HOLD! i’ll post it later kay?


P.S Bella did a new poll below! PLEASE VOTE FOR ANY MILEY CYRUS SONG!!


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