New BearVille Time’s &Red knight’s won! P.S new Hello Kitty Poster! My interview page has also been up-dated

23 Apr

From a Devil and tricker Frankie i’ve transformed into, Sweet and cuddley Frankie Adorable48! 🙂 -Audience claps and whistle’s-  Calm down now.. I was gonna post alot of new news back in few days! But the stupid Savanah and the most vicious girl Chloe I couldn’t post! I removed them from everywhere even Facebook.. Congratz to the Red knights they won! We got: a gold ribbion and a catapult for out condo! for the blue teams they got: silver ribbion.

I also saw new Hello Kitty poster’s at Furbulous Fashion District and pawforming arts centre.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If any of you saw on Vicky’s page that I wasn’t on chats for 2 weeks cos I was feeling guilty well, THAT’S NOT TRUE!! MY LAPTOP WENT TO THE STORE COS I WANTED THE OTHER VERSION OF IT!! and people be Beary careful too, Now-a-days! Vicky can say many lies and Chloe who is NEVER EVER stuffed with fun who’s acconut’s banned permenently is not a girl!! it’s a hacker and he/it/she gives virusis! i got 2! So, neva visit her chat Eva!


“Friends come and go, until they show they’re dark side!” But, “true friends never let you down!”

Friends I lost and might NEVA want back : Savie, Bella, Chloe .

GUESS WAT? my Interview page has been up-dated! Be sure 2 pay it a visit.


Look at my other friend.. she is from another religion still we NEVER fight!! Yes, my friends (I got 32 friends left!)

Friend of the week award goes to: DivyaFurfect!


Congratz bff!


~*Sweet and Cuddley FA48*~


P.S here’s a Picture I wanted to share on St. Patricks day! those girl’s follow me like crazy, Like paparazzi following a superstar!

Me they're Isrish Dancing Teacher! (I got the job only for St. Patricks Day!)

Me they're Isrish Dancing Teacher! (I got the job only for St. Patricks Day!)


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