20 Apr


Dear South Africans it came to my attention that my blog has alot of views from south africans therefore I wanna have a FIFA Wold Cup walk for all of us to Celebrate the World cup in SA! If you may have noticed I am South African and I care about the people of our country and you must please RSVP before the 19th of May to make sure you get a special Gift from me! there will also be a competition and fun activities! So put on your baffana baffana T-Shirts and come and join the fun!


Liew Suid Afrikaaners dit het tot my aandag gekom dat ek baie Suid Afrikaanse besoekers op my web werf kry. Daar or gaan ek ‘n spiesiale byeenkoms vir die “FIFA” Wereld Beker! Ek hoop om julle almal te sien en ek hoop julle is bereid om ‘n commentaar te lewer op hierdie “post” om my te laat weet of julle dit op die 22ste Mei saam met my en ander te stap deur babv en ons trots vir almal wys dat ons the land is wat die Sokker Wereld Beker heir in ons land gehuisvest het!

I truely am sorry but I could not find any of the 9 other languages to translate this in sorry to you all :(‘

Stay tuned for the party or walk invites

xoxo Bella xoxo


One Response to “SA!”

  1. herbalife August 10, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    Exactly what I was searching for, appreciate it for posting . “Every failure is a step to success…” by William Whewell.

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