Can’t log-in B.A.B.V, Facebook prob’s say what?

18 Apr


Hiya, it’s me Frankie again. If you wanna enter a cool contest see the post below! Also im making a

new contest page. anyone BUT only workers can edit it with my permission. e-mail me at: , when I was small I made this weird named e-mail 😛 .Actually,

that time I thought I was a princess cos I used to play “Princess” game alot! Lol. Okay, the main

reason for this post is: it’s like a week. and I couldn’t log into B.A.B.V and also Facebook loading

problems. why? cos my stupid “SPEED” computers just had to make my laptop like the connection

will hang up and he even put up Yahoo and a some other version in my laptop! I H.A.T.E it! I wanna

sue their company although where I live we can’t sue them! Hope tomorrow I will go there and scold

him then kill him atleast! Him who? the “SPEED” computers guy who fixes computers! and.. also

puts stupid Yahoo that I don’t use , Takes all my pics and Favourites out! and puts another STUPID

version! ah, nvm.




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