NEW stuff that came yesterday… (Late post)

8 Apr

Yo people, here are the new stuff going on this month (well, im counting this week.), there is A-LOT of new stuff! those who don’t play babv. LOG-IN TODAY! at, .

New stuff:

  • New chloe show, she shows it from a magical land! and the move you get is preety much like the sparkle move but, it’s different and called “Enchaned move”.
  • The team score board was up-dated and  “Red” team is winning! (WOO-HOO!)
  • Green tracks on the homepage of (you can see Green tracks on the second visit.)
  • When you complete the recycling game (that green circle out of  the recycling centre.) you get 200$ AND a prize! it’s a poster well, kinda like that if you complete a class you get a diploma like that!
  • Earth day is coming!
  • Im getting A-LOT of Hits! (Thanks PPL!!!)
  • new paws fur nature! (it was up-dated in feb. it’s about chickens. Don’t miss it!
  • New Bearville Times.
  • 8 NEW hairstyles at Bee Stylin Salon!
  • New notificatons, we can type WHATEVER we want in the bearmail system now..!
  • New map feature!
  • More earth day items.
  • BIG changes to our cub condo’s! (Thanks soo much! I couldn’t visit my bathroom now that the glitch is fixed I can.)
  • NEW bearville insider border!


And a “Big” thank’s to bearville insider for telling me lot’s of new things I furgot!



One Response to “NEW stuff that came yesterday… (Late post)”

  1. lilmissskullz April 10, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    Hey Frankie! I’m new 2 ur blog and even though I dont get on babv its kewl. Nice outfit by the way on ur picture :). Can you meet me on xat?

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