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3 Apr

Dear everyone who hate me and other people,

I deserve to be banned on every chatbox! I am a horrible mean person! I failed to give

chloestuffedwithfun10’s item’s back, kept on lying, im an idiot (I don’t know why.) and NOBODY told

me to post this! I wanted to post it. Today, right now.. I learned that how mean I was! and still am, I

say sorry to everybody! I deserve to get beaten , stay banned and anyone can scold me and say

mean words to me . I don’t even deserve to make a blog or anything! but, I need to have a blog.. The

main thing is, I lyed about mckenna AKA lily saying mean words to me… it was true ninz did, she

can as many times now… as I keep on failing 😦 -crying-  Im terriblely sorry!  Im going on chat now,

say as many bad words to me you want! Frankie is now… lost every single friend she had! forgive me

or beat me or scold me do whatever on my chat.. I wont stop you! 😦 Im soo sorry… bye!)

~just me, frankie~


One Response to “. . .”

  1. Aretha Koscinski April 5, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

    Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you…keep up the good work!!!

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