A very sad and bad news. and also good news.

28 Feb


Sad news : Pinkygirl275, left babv, chatboxes, blogs and blogging. because she had the 11+ test. hope she passes. good luck! Even though DAILY she and me chat and ROFL on chatboxes. cuz she is giving me another chance. she said she can still visit my blog.  

Good news : My hits are going up!YIPEE!

Just to let my bffs know : Thx for making my blog the best. plus, each of my 3 bffs gets prizes for that. Gabi, savanah, madi too. Thx bffs! Gabi keep up the good work and start posting!


“Is it true that friends come in life and go?”


 P.S I will use windows movie maker to make videos soon. 🙂


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