News, News, News News!

25 Feb

Got news? I do!

1. New pages on my blog to explore.

2.Fashion and picture page edited.

3.Buildabearville news : Today i found the pot of gold at the cave. Plus, Only for JR.Cybearguides That mall bearywood is opened. Create and work at the mall! Don’t for The “you got be a BABV millionaire contest” be sure to enter it.

4. New comments.

5.Camp is updated.

6. The sixth and most inportant news is bad news… Less people are visiting my blog. Me, pinky , zoey and jaz visit it

daily. But.. I get 250 hits daily. I was getting 500 and more first. We’re running low right now.. anyways, Im gonna

create a contests page. And more pages week by week. Im preety sure that this Pinkygirl275.. Is not following my

blogs rules! other people like ninz and jaz and zoey are! even though their not my friends. Pleaes stop copying me.

You copyed the picture page even though you had one. You just thought Umm… I can make that a new blog page.

Sorry, it’s already been taken.  Thanks for visiting my blog everyone! My hits are now going up, Once they reach

1,000. I will do a hits party and a disco one. picnics , free gifts, chats, camps and much more… So.. what r u waiting

for? Enter my camp. On my camp page. DOON’T FORGET! 1.To read it beary carefully.2. follow the camp rules3. and

last but not the least answer the form.  I’ve gotta Go now… see ya,



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