10 Feb

Introducing….. The new Iblog awards by me , Frankieadorable48. and my trusty assistant Rubyspringtime12 , my cousin. I will be giving awards to the best blogs. we will get 5. then 4. then 3. finalists. and 1 will get the Iblog award. other 4 will to get awards but a bit different ones.  Here is more information…

Introducing... the Iblog awards!

Introducing... the Iblog awards!

 The newest Iblog awards. go for 3 years or by how much longer I stay on chats. Each year, we will

increase the number of contastents. this year, it`ll be 5. in 2011 it will be 8 and in 2012 it will be 11.

Well, I might quit sooner , so I will deceide. My assistant , Rubyspringtime will bring people to my

blog and make them partcipate in my new contests and the Iblog awards. I will choose people in my

Iblog awards even if they dont partcipate. 🙂 . The awards are for only kids aged between 9-11 or maybe

8-10 . It depends on there blogs.  So.. make your blog theme bearific (new) and add more wonderful

pages and posts. But… first read the rules :

1. NO COPYING ANY BLOGS! (Or you will be discolafied )

2. NO STEALING ! (You cant steal any ones blogger awards)

3. NO LYING! (I mean it . or it could be a serious problem)

4. NO BEING MEAN! (Or you wil be discolafied immediantly)

5. NO CUSSING ON CHATS ! (On your chats and including mine.)

6. NEVER CHEAT! (Its not good its NEVER good to cheat)

Those are the rules… Now… here are tips you CAN use for your blog. (Still remember No copying from

others blogs including mine. just use my tips.)


1. First chose a fresh theme. (I like a springy kind of theme.)

2. Add more pages or just edit your old ones. (Add pages. What I like to see is fashion pages with lots of ideas. and cooking pages. )

3. Add posts! (Each and every day I add posts to my blog. dont believe me? see every posts date on my blog. )

4. Erase mean and a little mean comments and I dont want a fuss and lots and millions of comments

on one page. ( Check your comments daily. Thats what I do. Trash some of them. Because I will check

comments of how people feel about your blog.)  

5. Let those comments stay which say they dont like your blog and ask them why if they dont reply

delete there comments EASY PEASY! (Yup , you get the idea.)

Those were my tips . Now I will post the finalists and people who entered or who I selected later.

Heres a form you`ll have to fill to participate :

Build-a-bearville username : ( Required.)

Blog username: (Required.)

Blog Link : (Required.)

Your age : (Required.)

How many pages you have? : (Required.)

Thats all folks! Please comment. If you want to participate.

 ~*Frankieadorable48 and rubyspringtime12*~




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